How long will it take to protect my car?

The application process of Ceramic Pro will take between 3-6hrs depending on the condition of your paint, the size of the vehicle and the packages you select.

What is the application process?

The 1st step is to wash and decontaminate the vehicle. The 2nd step is to correct all the imperfections in the paint such as swirls and scratches. Once the vehicle is properly prepped, We then apply the Ceramic Pro.

What if my car has light scratches?

We are trained and certified professionals in the art of surface correction. We will restore your vehicle to the absolute best condition we can prior to Ceramic Pro application.

Do I need to wash the car beforehand?

No, this is part of our application process, we actually prefer if you didn't as we need to remove any fillers that may be on the surface of your vehicle!

Are you a fully mobile service?

Yes we come to you as part of the service as long as you have some sort of cover we can do the application under.

Do I need a garage to do the application?

Yes a garage is preferred but we can do the coating under a large carport, apartment wash bays or any form of cover that is sufficient for the vehicle we're coating.

What if I don't have cover?

We also run Ceramic Pro Brisbane which is a fully equipped Workshop, It's located in 30 Moss St, Slacks Creek, QLD.

What type of payment methods do you take?

We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Credit & Debit Cards.

Ceramic Pro.

Is Ceramic Pro safe for my paint or clear coat?

Yes, Ceramic Pro Products are formulated to be safe for all surfaces including your paint. Ceramic Pro will not damage your clearcoat or paint and will not void any manufacturer warranties.

Does Ceramic Pro crack, fade, peel or go yellow?

No, Ceramic Pro will not Crack, Peel or Yellow. Our products have undergone SGS testing and real-life testing in some of the worlds harshest environments, and surpassed every one of them.

Can a dealership or any detailer apply Ceramic Pro to my Vehicle?

No, any detailer, dealership or service centre that claims to apply Ceramic Pro without being a Certified Installer and listed on Ceramic Pro's  webpage is making a false claim. Always make sure you check the Approved Applicators page before proceeding with a booking.

What do I use to maintain my Ceramic Pro Coating?

That’s the great thing about Ceramic Pro Products. Water and any Car Wash or Car Shampoo will do the trick. Good bye harsh chemicals, clay bars, etc. Even glass cleaner or a No Rinse lubricant/wash will work to quickly and easily maintain your coating.

Do I still need to wax my Vehicle after Ceramic Pro has been applied?

No, Ceramic Pro Products are the permanent replacement to wax and sealants. You can throw those products in the trash!

What does the Lifetime Warranty Cover?

Full Details of the manufacturers Lifetime Warranty Terms can be found here - Ceramic Pro Warranty.

Have any Questions?

We're more than happy to answer any questions you have regarding our Services.