Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine is the worlds first all inclusive preventative maintenance product line specially designed for professionals.

Our specialized application centers enables trained and certified professional installers to Apply Ceramic Pro Marine to all surfaces on your boat.

Ceramic Pro Marine’s cutting edge protective technology is the common sense choice in an industry where boat stands for “Bust Out Another Thousand.” Stop spending thousands of dollars on aftercare.

Ceramic Pro Marine is available in High Gloss finish that Exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. This means your boat will be glossier than the day you bought it.

Boating Maintenance made Easy!

Prices start from $650 for a Jet Ski or from $850 for a Trailer Boat, Call us now for a Quote on Your New Vessel!

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection
Marine Protection

Ceramic Pro Marine is the most durable protective coating available for your boat. Our products can not be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards.


Ceramic Pro Marine is the most versatile coating on the planet. With its wide range of uses there is literally no surface on your boat that can be left unprotected.

Benefits of Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine Coating on Wake Boat

Oxidation Barrier

Ceramic Pro Marine is a layerable product that starts with a penetrating foundation that can built up creating a protective layer that seals your gelcoat.

Fouling Release

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of your gelcoat preventing algae from planting roots into the pores of your gelcoat making growth very easy to remove.

Ceramic Coated Boat Motors

Easier Cleaning

Ceramic Pro Marine’s protective layer reduces the surface tension of surfaces allowing bird droppings, fish blood, oil and other grime to be easily washed away.

Ceramic Pro™
Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine becomes a protective barrier preventing oxidation and growth of barnacles, sea organisms and algae on the Bottom. Stains comes off easy and cleaning the vessel can now be done in half the time.

Ceramic Pro Bravo

Ceramic Pro Bravo is designed for gelcoat surfaces above the waterline. The installation is a lot easier yet it gives the similar protection as Ceramic Pro Marine. It is a great coating as an alternative to MARINE for surfaces above the waterline.

Ceramic Pro Rain

Rain is a coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability with a Super hydrophobic effect that allows water to simply bead up and flow off the glass while you are driving.

Ceramic Pro Textile

Textile is a reliable inorganic compound. Ceramic Pro Textile modifies the surface of real textile or suede so that when liquids come in contact, it forms beads that simply roll off keeping the textile completely dry.

Why Elite Car Pro?

Elite Car Pro are the Ceramic Coating Brisbane Specialists, We have 22 years experience in the Detailing Industry and have specialised in Paint Protection & Ceramic Coatings for over 12 years!

Elite Car Pro have been an Approved Applicator of Ceramic Pro Nano Coatings for 10+ years and exclusively offer it with all their services.

We take pride in the paint protection services we offer and strive to achieve nothing but perfection when we work on your car, boat, caravan or motorcycle!

 So if you’ve just purchased a New Boat or Jet Ski and want to protect it and make it easier to clean you should give us a call and we can get it protected with Ceramic Pro Marine Coatings.

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Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

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Ceramic Coatings FAQ’S

Less Maintenance

Once cured, the coating gets very hydrophobic (water repellent); water rolls off the surface and grabs dirt and grime. This is known as the self-cleaning effect. Hand Washing will be extremely easy and the need for heavy detergents and chemicals are now, in most cases, obsolete.

Ultimate Gloss

Once coated with Ceramic Pro your boat will stand out from all others. The shine and color depth on a Ceramic Pro vessel is something to behold. Ceramic Pro, unlike wax, provides a permanent shine. The results are truly eye-catching.


Ceramic Pro has proven to be a perfect coating for surfaces exposed to expansion and deformation such as the flexing of a fiberglass hull. The coating wont crack or flake like acrylic sealants. This also allows Ceramic Pro to be applied to upholstery and roll-up enclosures.

Other Service Areas

Elite Car Pro are a fully mobile service specialising in New Car Paint Protection and Paint Correction, we are Exclusive Ceramic Pro Applicators with 10+ years of experience. Offering our services to clients from Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. We also offer Caravan & Motorhome Protection. So if you are wanting a Professional Quality Service just fill in the form below and we will get your car COATED Today.


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