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We specialise in Ceramic Pro Paint Protection & Paint Correction, servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

We are Approved Applicators for the Worlds Leading Ceramic Coatings, Ceramic Pro™
Protecting all Surfaces on your Vehicle!

Specialising in New & Used Car Paint Protection we can Protect your Paint, Glass, Wheels, Leather & Fabric. We can also protect Caravans, Boats & RVs.

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My Experience

I have been Detailing Cars Since I was 17, my first job was working at a local Toyota dealership doing the usual pre delivery type detailing and washing of the cars on the yard.

This was where I first started doing paint protection, I was using the quintessential dealership protection and soon realised there had to be something better!

Fast forward a couple of years and I had decided to go out on my own and started mobile detailing within the ever growing Detailing Industry.

I’ve now been Detailing for 20+ years and have used a variety of Ceramic Coatings but in the last 10 Years I have exclusively used Ceramic Pro Coatings.

 Becoming a Ceramic Pro Approved Applicator was a turning point for my business, going from a detailing business to becoming a Ceramic Coatings Specialist.

We now run and work out of Ceramic Pro Brisbane at Slacks Creek and have a mobile service van which we offer mobile ceramic coatings to the surrounding suburbs.

Within the last 10 years I have protected over 5000 cars with Ceramic Pro and pride myself on being an applicator since Ceramic Pro was introduced to Australia!

Our Application Process

The application process of Ceramic Pro will take between 2-6 hours depending on the condition of your paint, the type and size of the vehicle and the package you select. The 1st step is to wash and prep the vehicle. The 2nd step is to correct all the imperfections in the paint such as swirls and scratches. Once the vehicle is properly prepped, a body shop safe cleaner will be applied to the entire vehicle to get the paint ready for coating. At this stage the coating process will begin, and each panel of the vehicle will have Ceramic Pro applied, leveled, and stacked to achieve the package you have selected.

1. Decon Wash
Paint Correction Wash
2. Find Imperfections
Paint Correction Before
3. Fix Imperfections
Paint Correction After
4. Apply Coating
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Paint Protection Prices

We can protect your paint, glass, wheels, leather and fabric!

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Gold Package

5 Year Warranty
From $1450

*Paint (2 Layers)

ION Package

Lifetime Warranty
From $1650

*Paint (2 Layer Process)

"Expectations vs Reality"

Some scratches or imperfections may be too deep or severe to safely remove without risking removing to much clear coat. These are minimised and reduced as best as possible using techniques with the machine polisher. As a result we round off the edges of the scratches and make them far less apparent in direct light.

After correction, the panels are wiped down with an isopropyl alcohol. This removes any oils that may have been left over from the polish and reveals the true finish. Once complete, fully corrected paintwork will shine brilliantly and produce stunning reflections.

Now there are nowhere near as many scratches and imperfections to scatter and reflect the light rays off in different directions.

Other Services

Elite Car Pro are a fully mobile service specialising in New Car Paint Protection and Paint Correction, we are Exclusive Ceramic Pro Applicators with 10+ years of experience with Ceramic Coatings. Offering our services to clients from Brisbane, The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. We also offer Caravan & Motorhome Protection & Marine Coatings. So if you are wanting a Professional Quality Service just fill in the form below and we will get your car COATED Today.

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